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Mini-Challenge #7: More codes

The previous mini-challenge on code-breaking challenge was quite popular, so here are some more ciphers to test your ingenuity.  Here's a little clue to get you started: permutation.

Can you crack the codes to find the names of three German mathematicians?

1)  C.a1r3l1  Fdroime drroitcahr eGnaeugs sc iwlrcoytce  at hsea  D2i seqsuui swtoiNo n.eesa cAirtietm

2)  BeUrosfnnufe  )hen nio  owfpt oaf m'tltdhd rroucln2o rsiniuanm rtt foa s3hyaki aeie csa qe1n(enoea. n0rrdgia e0 icyoteRs0tte Aidvi

3)  bfxxhndsfdohergdylqudl

Please send answers & comments to @pi3challenge or